Hello! I am Arda Gündoğdu. I am a project manager who is always working with passion and looking for perfection. My main philosophy of life is minimalism. Also it's very important for me that discipline, ethics and always human first principles as basis. I am very easy going person with right channel in communication and I will be really happy to make interaction with you. Please always feel free to get contact with me in Turkish, English or Spanish.

I am working for Dernx as project manager in present. We are providing first and the best association management system in Turkey included very detailed formal functions. I am also designing this product and researching user experience.

Usually I worked in design agencies, startups and special projects. That's why my experiences are generally project based business.

User Interface Design
Freelancer Designer (7 years)

Branding Turkey
Entrepreneur (2 years)

Project Manager (Current)